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Reporting Issues
Current set of issues is to be found at our Github Project page:
Issue Report Details
When reporting an issue, gather as much details as possible and include them
on the bug report. Useful details are:
* kamailio version (output of kamailio -v)
* operating system where server is running
* CPU architecture of the system
* error log messages from syslog
* if there is a coredump file, use gdb to extract the following:
- full backtrace (gdb: bt full)
- local variables (gdb: info locals)
- list of the source code around the issue (gdb: list)
* information about when it happens:
- at startup
- at shutdown
- at runtime:
~ randomly (no way to reproduce it has been discovered)
~ periodically (an way to reproduce it has been discovered)
If you have further questions about reporting an issue, email to: