xswitch test framework
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Run FreeSWITCH lua test in a lightweight way.

Build and install

git clone https://git.xswitch.cn/xswitch/xswitch-test.git
cd xswitch-test
cmake .
make install
make conf

Default config file will be installed in /usr/local/freeswitch/conf/xswitch-test/ .


Usage: Run test/test_1.lua test in the current dir:

xswitch-test test/test_1


xswitch-test test_xxx


  • -h: help,帮助
  • -c <dir>: 指定配置文件目录,默认为FreeSWITCH安装目录下的conf/xswitch-test/
  • -m mod_x: 加载模块mod_x,该参数可以有多个
  • -l: 加载配置文件中的模块,默认不加载,以提高启动速度
  • -t: 使用test.lua运行Lua测试脚本,用于与其它测试框架配合的情况
  • -s: 实验性功能,完整的内存管理,运行会比较慢。用于在检查内在泄漏的时候。
  • -v: 打印版本号。


More information and examples can be found at https://git.xswitch.cn/xswitch/xcc-examples/src/branch/master/lua/xtest .

Talk to us

Find us on https://github.com/rts-cn/rts/discussions if you have any question.